Zig Zag

The ZIG ZAG fabric, made entirely by hand, combines the vibrant colors of silk with the preciousness of the diamond processing of the micro-chain in 925 °° silver NDSG.

The ZIG ZAG fabric has the fresh and colorful style distinguished by the unmistakable "put together" recognized throughout the world.

The color of silk mixes with gold and silver in a combination and contrast characterized by an extraordinary balance.

The letmotiv ZIG ZAG is elegant and pret-a-porter at the same time and is the latest novelty among the NDSG collections.

ZIG ZAG jewels are made in the four colors of gold: rhodium (white gold), ruthenium (black gold), gold (24 kt yellow gold) and pink (18kt rose gold) totally hypoallergenic and Nickel-free

Four shades of silk colors available: Toni di Azzurro, Toni di Marrone, Toni di Rosso, Toni di Verde and Toni di Viola.