by Roberta Audibert, Fashion Designer

The fifth episode of LOVE ISLAND ITALIA has an extra touch of color with our Gold, Silver and Silk Rings. Fantastic GIULIA DE LELLIS with her total white look embellished with NDSG rings, characterized by the vibrant colors of silk.

NDSG loves to pamper its women and create splendid combinations and sets for them, in fact inspired by the hottest dating reality of the summer, LOVE ISLAND ITALIA, and its undisputed protagonist, GIULIA DE LELLIS, NDSG has thought a color palette specifically for her characterized by our rings in Gold Silver and Silk.

For the occasion, the color palette selected for GIULIA DE LELLIS consists of three of our Rombo Rings, in the following silk colors: Pink, Turquoise and Emerald; combined with one of our must-have rings, which absolutely cannot be missing from the accessories of Summer 2021, namely our Zig Zag Ring Shades of Summer.

In particular, the Zig Zag Ring Shades of Summer is characterized by four colors of Silk: Red, Turquoise, Lilac and Orange; thus creating a nuance of cold colors like sea water and warm colors like summer sunsets.

The NDSG Rings in Gold, Silver and Silk are made of 925 °° Silver yellow gold plated or white gold plated. Their main feature is that they are made using an artisanal weaving, on Renaissance looms, intertwining the characteristic NDSG diamond micro-chain with super colored silk threads.

Thanks to the use of looms and the Renaissance technique, our rings come in two different designs: Rombo and Zig Zag.

The Rombo Ring, woven entirely by hand, combines the vibrant colors of silk with the preciousness of the diamond processing of the 925 °° silver NDSG micro-chain. Its main feature is the rigor of the geometry of its shapes which, mixed with silk, give a refined and elegant "melange" effect, but color block.

The Zig Zag Ring, on the other hand, is also woven entirely by hand and has a fresh and colorful style distinguished by the unmistakable "put together" recognized all over the world. The color of silk mixes with gold and silver in a combination and contrast characterized by an extraordinary balance of colors specially designed and studied to create harmony.

The NDSG Rings are available in twelve shades of silk threads (fluo orange, burgundy, jeans, brown, military, black, fluo pink, emerald, red, turquoise, purple and lime) with which you can have fun creating the perfect color palette for you!

NDSG jewelry has no rules!

So free your imagination and color your hand with the Gold Silver and Silk Rings!

If you need our help and you too, like GIULIA DE LELLIS, want to create the color palette specifically for you, send an e-mail to or write us on our social profiles.

A PROMOTION FOR YOU! If you choose a color palette consisting of four Gold, Silver and Silk Rings: we'll give you one color free!

We're at your service!

With love,


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