Jewelry trends 2021: which will be the most purchased?

The year 2020 has certainly changed our habits and this have had repercussions on purchases too. Purchases of goods considered superfluous decreased and jewels were among the goods that saw a decline in sales. However, this period of crisis should not scare us, in fact after the crisis a strong regrowth is now expected.

So let’s discover together the jewelry trends 2021, to understand which jewels will be the most purchased of 2021 and let’s get ready to buy the most beautiful jewels to wear to complete our outfit with precious objects made with care.

Jewelry trends 2021: the research of De Beers

The successful diamond jewelry specialist De Beers has conducted a research with Adorn Insight, which is a consultancy firm that studies London fashion. This research is based on consumer requests and on how they have changed in the pandemic period. The research highlighted three fundamental aspects:

  1. During the pandemic, customers began to appreciate more handmade jewels and custom designs;

  2. During the pandemic, customers searched for objects / jewels that had a strong connection with nature;

  3. During the pandemic, customers mostly searched for jewels not strictly related to fashion.

Remembering these three points, we can predict the trends of jewelry in 2021: customers will want to buy handmade, environmentally sustainable and authentic jewels.

Craftsmanship, sustainability and authenticity: the jewels of Nicotra Di San Giacomo

Those who want to follow the jewelry trends 2021 can choose to buy the jewels of Nicotra Di San Giacomo, which are appreciated because they are handmade, they are sustainable and they are also creative.

All Nicotra Di San Giacomo jewels are handmade in our workshops. We use first choice precious materials and we respect the ancient Italian goldsmith tradition. Our jewels are hand-woven and we are known all over the world for our particular use of silk together with other precious materials. 

If you want, you can find out more about the 2021 jewelry trends by taking a look at our collections. We propose hand-woven 925 silver bracelets, jewels in silk and gold, silk and silver necklaces and a lot of other jewels.

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