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By Roberta Audibert, Fashion Designer

“For every pair of earrings, for every necklace, there is a memory. For each ring, a love, right or wrong. Jewels tell women. “

[Paola Jacobbi]

Everything we wear is nothing more than an externalization of who we are.

In fact, whether it’s a dress rather than make-up, or jewelry, the fact is that all these attributes determine an act of signification in a given social context. Philosophically speaking, this issue has been widely debated, for example: Sartre said that the dress (understood as the whole of our outfit, therefore also formed by the jewel) allows the person to represent herself/himself as she/he has chosen to be.

"On the one hand, the personality makes the fashion, which in turn makes the dress, but on the other hand, the dress makes the personality"

The dress is the concretization of a communication of the identity of the individual, as if it would be an image of oneself and one's interiority, becoming a non-verbal communication tool.

If we stop for a moment to reflect on this self-talking image, we will realize that not only the dress is part of it, but also the make-up and above all the jewel.

In fact, jewels talk about us and tell women, they tell who we are or what we would like to be. They are not chosen randomly, but according to how one feels emotionally and through the model and color, emotions and moods are expressed.

A jewel is nothing more than a story, an abstract tale of a memory, an experience or a dream. 

The "Once upon a time ..." is introduced with the earring, during the unfolding it passes near the heart, through the necklace, then the bracelet and finally the conclusion is enclosed in the ring, the jewel farthest from the heart, from the mind and more in contact with the reality that surrounds him.

This is why we like to define NDSG jewels, objects not only to own and dream, but "Jewels to live" that are able to excite.

Thanks to the collections, “Sparkle” and “Oro, Argento e Seta”, our woman can choose how to tell her story. A playful and colorful story with the bright nuances of precious silks, or an important memory of the past that appears and disappears quickly like the "sparkle" of our Sparkle jewels.

Among necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, obviously every woman has her chosen one, that jewel that she never takes off and that is always an integral part of her outfit. This choice is also part of our way of being and identifies our personality.

It’s like a one-way street, starting from the personality and arriving at the perfect jewel and the other way around. So if it would be the contrary? Which type of jewel does reflect better our way of being? Are you a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings?

If you are curious, click on the link below and discover which jewel represents you.

N.B. Upon completion of the test you will receive an e-mail with a shopping voucher of up to €100,00 based on the category of the jewel that represents you (Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring).

So far we have talked about choices, but the best part is that there is no "right" or "wrong" way, in reality every choice is the right one because it’s tailor-made for us.

The Dress, the Jewel and the Make-up are as if they were an "I Skin", they contain all the good we have inside and communicate it to others.

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