Sporty - Chic with NDSG | Casual but elegant in just one look


by Roberta Audibert, Fashion Designer

Fashion has changed its "super glam" vision and it’s adapting more and more to situations of everyday life: from smart-working to daily and much less mundane events.

Today the trendy adjectives in fashion are comfort and casual, but fashion, as we know, cannot do without being, at the same time, alternative and above all elegant.

Can you be casual, but also elegant in just one look?

Absolutely yes! It's called “Athflow”, from the contraction of “athleisure” and “flow”, the new sporty-chic trend of our 2021, a “mix & match” between casual and trendy.

Mix together these two adjectives, so different from each other, it’s not easy at all, but the NDSG collections help you add that touch of soft elegance and versatility to your comfort & casual style. NDSG jewels follow the needs of contemporaneity and they are perfect to create your sporty-chic look, making it super lively with the “Gold, Silver and Silk” collections between the vibrant colors of the silk and the micro diamond chain.

Sporty-chic for special occasions?

Even if your special occasion doesn’t need a particularly trendy look, every woman always wants to feel special and NDSG helps to make your look casual, a look that is first of all elegant, but comfortable at the same time, thanks to the "Sparkle" collections, from necklaces to bracelets and from rings to earrings, bright outside and comfortable inside, thanks to their glittering and precious fabric, characterized by softness and adaptability to the wearer's body, so the NDSG woman can feel beautiful and special, but always herself!

In conclusion, it seems that our 2021 has a strong attraction for casual and loungewear, but pay attention the sporty-chic trend is not a style unthought and unstudied, however, in fashion nothing is ever left to chance, so comfortable yes, but never neglected!

A style that could be criticized, you might say, certainly insidious, because if it’s not well played, you risk falling into banality, or even worse you risk being shabby, but beware it’s right here that our jewels come into the scene, from the most sparkling ones to those more sober. So release your creativity and change your “comfy look”, for example by overlapping our Twist necklaces, intertwining them or leaving them loose like soft scarves, but precious and sparkling.

You know what, I really think the funniest side of "Athflow" is that they aren’t just the styles and trends that are turned upside down, but also the rules of the game.

The sporty-chic style is only apparently confused, because it’s tastefully declined with NDSG jewels.

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