TWIST collection, one of the NDSG masterpiece

Those who, while walking, stop in front of the Nicotra di San Giacomo shop window, are struck by the great variety of colors and the infinite possibilities of combining unique jewels and by the very original combination of silk with silver and gold made with craftsmanship .

One of the flagships among jewel scarves, band rings and dangling earrings is the TWIST collection.

The collection consists of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The common denominator is their characteristic of being long cords composed of 5 diamond micro-chains in 925 silver, dipped in white or yellow gold, in the version with silk or in the 4 colors of gold: yellow, white, pink and black, in the "Sparkle" version.

The necklaces are 120 cm long threads, including the fringe, available with silk in the following colors: red, black, turquoise, jeans, orange, pink, emerald green, purple, burgundy and brown. Cobalt blue and lime have recently been added. The same colors are available in the earrings and bracelets, always in the basic variants yellow gold and white gold.

TWIST necklaces are highly appreciated by our customers for their versatility and the multiple ways in which they can be worn. Just to name a few: left long with a simple knot; twisted twice around the neck with the free threads or knotted again to end it on the décolleté; round neck, knotted and with free lengths on the back; turned several times around the wrist to transform it into a multi-strand bracelet; or by joining several threads together for a surprising and very feminine scarf effect.

The bracelets are 35 cm long including the fringe and adapt to any wrist size because they simply close with a double knot, leaving the fringe free to move and give sparkles with every movement.

The earrings have a Pompeian clasp and are 10 cm long including the fringe. They can be left long or knotted to shorten them, bringing them to a length of about 8 cm. Many of our customers choose to wear them leaving one loose and one knotted for an even more charming effect.

They are perfect jewels to free the creativity of the wearer, lively in their colors and original, not only for the unusual combination of precious materials but also for their versatility.

The TWIST collection is perfect as a gift and to be given away for just € 95 for bracelets and earrings and € 250 for necklaces.

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TWIST Necklaces in Sterling Silver Rhodium plated. Fabric: Bordeaux TWIST Necklaces in Sterling Silver Rhodium plated. Fabric: Bordeaux

TWIST Necklaces in Sterling Silver Rhodium plated. Fabric: Bordeaux