On this page you can find all the information necessary to determine your ring size!

The table below gives you a useful overview with the current international conversion measurements relating to the circumference of your finger.

NDSG offers its rings in all the sizes, from 8 to 24 plus some Unique Sizes adaptable to every finger.

Italy Diameter Circumference France Great Britain Japan
10 16 mm 50,2 mm 50 K 10
12 16,5 mm 51,8 mm 52 M-N 12
14 17,2 mm 54 mm 54 N-O 14
16 17,8 mm 55,9 mm 56 P 16
18 18,5 mm 58,1 mm 58 Q-R 18
20 19,2 mm 60,3 mm 60 S 20
22 19,8 mm 62,2 mm 62 T-1/2 22
24 20,4 mm 64,1 mm 64 V 24

The right size for your finger

It is preferable to take the measure of the finger at the end of the day.

Better not to measure the finger when it is too hot or cold.

Do not forget that your hands are not perfectly identical; a ring that is usually worn on a finger of your left hand might not properly fit with the same finger on your right hand.

You must ensure that the chosen size slides easily along the whole length of your finger.

To measure your finger you can use a tape measure. Measure the finger circumference in millimeters. 

Now that you know the size of your finger, you can order the ring.

If you hesitate between two sizes, it is better to choose the larger.

Keep in mind that the choice of size is influenced by the style of the ring: a large model will be worn again and not tightened compared to a smaller one.