September 2019,

Chiostro del Bramante - "Dream, The art meets dreams".

In the warm atmosphere of the Renaissance complex of the Chiostro del Bramante, Jewelry Design and the world of Fashion meet together.

Two realities in comparison.

With eyes open or closed, at night or during the day, in the drawer or realized, at the Chiostro del Bramante dreams meet the great contemporary art. Magic, Utopia, Essence, Enchantment and Desires take shape in the “Dream” exhibition, like the dreams of the two designers who, between a talk and a coffee, begin to materialize.

Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo and Roberta Audibert, are two designers who come from two different worlds, jewelry and fashion, but discover they have something in common, their origins. Both designers are originally from the so-called “Island between sky and sea”, Sicily; a passionate land, rich in flavors, colors and history. This land has always been a source of inspiration for them.

And that's how that September 2019, immersed in this atmosphere poised between dream and reality, the two designers decided to combine their inspirations, ideas and projects.

It is precisely from this meeting and from common values, such as made in Italy, versatility, tradition and innovation that the idea of ​​"NDSG con Roberta Audibert" was born.

“NDSG con Roberta Audibert” is a new shade of Nicotra di San Giacomo, characterized by the graphics and stylistic skills of the designer Roberta Audibert combined with the creative ideas of Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo. The aim of the two designers is to create "Capsule Collections" with interlocking and color contrasts, to highlight their woman and make her feel simply herself!

And it is thus that from the union of the two designers, the Future Women NDSG finally takes shape, a lively and passionate woman, but always elegant and refined, just like the accessories she wears.

As the two designers always say: "We like to make women shine!"


Roberta Audibert was born in the land of water and volcanoes, Sicily, more precisely in Catania.

After graduating, he moved to Rome to pursue her dream: to work in the world of fashion.

She graduated in Fashion Design at the Accademia Italiana - Arte, Moda & Design in Rome with full marks, bringing as a final project a collection characterized by graphics inspired by the Sicilian world and created entirely by the designer.

In 2019 she made his debut with his first personal fashion show, at the Mercati di Traiano (Rome), presenting his “Nuance Minimal” collection.

On the occasion of “In Town of Altaroma 2020”, she presents her Fall / Winter 2021 collection, called “Euphoria”.

From 2020 Roberta Audibert has embarked on this path with Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo, giving life to "NDSG con Roberta Audibert", a completely new path to be discovered, both for the designers themselves and for their audience, what the future holds, we do not know, but the important thing is to “Create”, anything as long as it is created.

On the other hand, as the designer herself always says: "I can never sit still and so I think, imagine and create!"