The classic 90x90cm carrè and the so-called twilly, are accessories with a unique versatility because they can be worn

in an infinite number of different ways and women love them for that!

Being so versatile they can satisfy any type of style and look while remaining a super light and fresh accessory.

As shown in the attached image, we offer you some ideas on how to wear your Foulard and your Twilly.

The NDSG Foulard has a size of 90x90cm which allows you to be able to knot, drape and wrap around the body to create

various types of tops or bandanas wrapped around the hair.

The Twilly NDSG, on the other hand, you can use it to add that extra touch to your look: tied at the neck, on the wrist or on your bag.

But the best thing about these accessories is that they don't follow any rules for being worn!

So let your imagination free and experiment with the right weave for you!