"Fashion fades. Only style remains the same." Coco Chanel

Alessandro di Nicotra di San Giacomo

While fashion always changes, the atelier Nicotra Di San Giacomo creates unique and eternal jewels, protecting, with enthusiasm and severity, the value of the made in Italy like the wisdom of artisans the pursuit of beauty.

Tradition and innovation are two important concepts of the philosophy Nicotra Di San Giacomo. Our jewels are the result of a stylistic research of the past and an interest in the innovation, that is passion and pursuit of solutions and modern techniques, in the forms and materials.

Techniques of the Renaissance and modern manufactures live together. Although our jewels are dedicated to a contemporary lifestyle, they maintain the characteristics of the ancient Italian goldsmith’s art. This means the use of precious materials and attention in details.

We create unique but versatile jewels. They can be adapted to a metropolitan lifestyle, of which we recognize suggestions but we like to reinterpret it according to our ideals of elegance. Every single piece of our creations is unique and unrepeatable like a painting or a symphony by a famous artist.

We love to define ourselves ‘jewels weavers’ because our creations are like tailor made dresses. They adjust to the body, following its movements and imitating its forms. Our studio is not only a goldsmith laboratory but it is an atelier, where creations turn from drawings into art pieces. So in the Nicotra Di San Giacomo world, gold, silver and precious silk intertwine together, giving birth to unique jewels because we love to think that the desire and the soul of the person wearing our jewels are also unique.

NDSG is a brand faithful to its history and origins but at the same time looking beyond the borders and adapting to an international clientele.

Our jewels are able to excite everyone because they are desirable and irresistible. They are not only jewels to dream and possess but they are jewels that have to be used, rearranged, transformed: jewels to be lived.