The “Sparkle” collection was born from an intuition of the Designer Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo who, in the first years of his activity, studies the ancient medieval and Renaissance fabrics to take inspiration for the creation of weaved jewelry.

He replaces textile threads with gold and silver to create a soft and shiny jewel mesh. A sort of medieval “chain mail” with the strength of an armor and the fit of a precious silk.

The natural evolution is in repeating the refraction of a brilliant in the material, and this is how the threads turns into a diamond micro-chains.

The Sparkle fabric shines like a diamond or in a easily way lives with its own light.

Its main and extraordinary characteristic is the incredible softness to the touch and the effect extremely luminous, as if the jewel were studded with diamonds.

“Sparkle” is a fabric  entirely hand made using the NDSG diamond micro-chain in 925 °° silver and enriched by a gold bath.



The “Gold, Silver and Silk” collection is the natural evolution of Alessandro’ studies on Renaissance textile techniques, in which, the finest silks give life to refined and unique fabrics.

The idea of ​​merging the NDSG diamond micro-chain with silks is the leit-motive of the entire collection that is divided today into different textiles: Rombi, Twist, Waves and ZigZag.

ROMBI: The main characteristic is the strict geometry of its forms which, mixed with silks, give a refined and elegant “melange” effect.

TWIST: The weave between gold, silver and silk is the basis of the Twist fabric which aims is to set free the creativity of the wearer. To be tied or left loose like soft scarves in a succession of colors.

WAVES: A honeycomb structure on which colored waves of precious silks and gold and silver threads form jacquard effect.

ZIGZAG: A Combination of vibrant colors of silk and the preciousness of the diamond micro-chain. ZigZag is characterized by a fresh and colorful style marked by the unmistakable “put together” recognized all over the world.

All our jewels are available in the four colors of gold: rhodium (white gold), ruthenium (black gold), gold (24 kt yellow gold) and pink (18kt rose gold) totally hypoallergenic and Nickel-free.

The collection “Gold, Silver and Silk” is available in eleven silk colors: Fluo Orange, Bordeaux, Jeans, Brown, Military, Black, Fluo Pink, Red, Emerald, Turquoise and Purple.

On request it is possible to order any Nicotra di San Giacomo product also in 18 kt gold.

Our jewels strictly follow a production entirely “Made in Italy” and it is possible to request customization on an exclusive design.

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